Responsible Marketing

Empowering consumers to make informed choices

Post recognizes the importance of providing consumers with product choices to meet their varied preferences for taste, nutrition, value, convenience and sustainability and is committed to responsible marketing and product transparency.

This commitment extends to all marketing and communications, across all media (TV, print, online, radio, mobile and social media), with the objective of providing critical product ingredient and nutrition information that is clear, accurate and accessible.

By meeting this commitment, we empower consumers to make informed choices.

Responsible Marketing Principles

Our commitment to responsible marketing is based on the following principles:

  1. Conduct marketing in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  2. Confirm that marketing content and claims about product nutrition and health benefits should be:
    • Clearly distinguished as advertising for a commercial purpose and transparent with the identity of the advertiser.
    • Based on sound scientific evidence.
    • Accurate in reflecting product characteristics (taste, size, content nutrition or health benefits) and not intentionally misleading to consumers.
    • About promoting balanced diets and healthy lifestyles and avoiding overconsumption, including food products not intended to be substitutes for meals and not being represented as such.
    • Respectful, inclusive and safe including using advertising outlets that are audience-appropriate and brand relevant.
  3. Maintain additional guiding principles specific to marketing to children (under 13) and teen (13-17) audiences, including:
    • Adherence to all applicable laws and guidelines specific to advertising and personal information related to children, including the:
      • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which governs how personal information is collected from children under 13 and used online in the U.S., along with all other relevant child and teenager privacy laws worldwide.
      • Better Business Bureau’s Children’s Advertising Review Unit, which provides guidelines for responsible advertising to children under 13 in the U.S.
      • Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative Pledge to not market any product to children under 13 in the U.S. and Canada, unless the product aligns with defined nutritional guidelines.
  4. Avoid using online behavior-based advertising methods when targeting children.
  5. Manage advertising to avoid any product on content or programs primarily intended for children under six.

Labeling and Nutrition

As a food company, our labels give directions on proper preparation of our products and include detailed product labels providing information to consumers on ingredients and nutrition. In fact, our Post Consumer Brands business has a webpage dedicated to helping consumers read new nutrition facts labels. Post has nutrition-focused technical teams that monitor consumer nutrition trends and participate in innovation. We encourage a healthy lifestyle, and our food products fit into a varied diet with a variety of product offerings. Post actively participates in targeted nutrition and school meal programs.

Product Certifications and Attributes

Post acknowledges the trend toward certified or labeled products, which is of growing interest to customers, consumers and investors. As part of our approach to responsible marketing, as previously described, we seek to only use credible certification frameworks and auditable practices. We offer products across a range of certifications and clearly labeled attributes, such as:

WIC EligibleGrain Free
USDA OrganicKeto-Friendly
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm OilAllergens
Non-GMO Project VerifiedVegan
American Humane Certified Cage FreeHalal
Gluten FreeKosher-Certified
Plant-BasedLow Carbon