Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Valuing the differences that make each of us unique

Post believes a culture that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has a sustained, positive impact on our work environment, our people and our results. We are committed to building and maintaining that culture. We want to value the differences that make each of us unique and we want to have a workforce that is representative of the communities in which we live and work. Celebrating the diversity of our employees makes us a better organization, gives us a broader perspective and leads to a more enriched professional atmosphere that drives business performance. In addition to celebrating diversity, we strive to ensure inclusion for every employee, and seek to identify and eliminate any barriers that may prevent full opportunity and participation at all levels of the organization. Success can only be achieved if we treat everyone with respect. Each of us has a right to work in an environment free from harassment, discrimination, violence and retaliation.

Our DEI strategy is led by a DEI Council with members from each business and includes the following key elements:

  • Advisory and assessment of our practices by leading experts
  • Regular enterprise-wide employee culture survey
  • Encouraging a Speak Up culture
  • Training to foster more inclusive work environments
  • Eliminating unintended bias in our talent selection and management processes
  • Recognizing and sharing successful initiatives and achievements

Our Weetabix business publishes a Gender Pay Report as part of their mission to ensure women thrive as part of their wider inclusion program.

Gender Pay Gap
Median Pay Gap

Our median pay gap has reduced from 4.41 to 3.44 percent in the last year.

2021 Weetabix Gender Pay Report