Operating responsibly in everything we do

From farms where ingredients are grown to our products on the grocery shelf or served in restaurants, we are focused on operating responsibly in everything we do.     

Our responsibility strategy is built upon a foundation of three attributes:

Guided by Our Values – We rely on our values to guide us in acting responsibly, learning from others and developing creative solutions to set and work toward our goals.

Championed by Our Leadership – Our Audit Committee of the Board of Directors (the Board) has ultimate oversight of responsibility strategy with leadership from our ESG Senior Director, an ESG Steering Committee of cross-functional senior leaders, and an ESG Operations Council with technical influencers from each of our businesses.

Aligned to Our Business – While we share a commitment to core values and objectives across the enterprise and have some centralized and shared functions (e.g., procurement, ethics and compliance, and food safety), our businesses maintain the ability to be agile and responsive to relevant stakeholders.

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