Health and Safety

Zero harm to people and the environment

We are committed to providing employees a safe workplace which is outlined in our Global Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability Policy (Global EHS&S Policy) and Code of Conduct. All Post employees and contractors are responsible for understanding, promoting and implementing this policy, following our operating principles, and complying with our Code of Conduct.

We use a proprietary, international standards-based EHS Management System, which includes regular internal and external auditing and associated corrective actions, supporting our mission of providing products and services to our customers with zero harm to people and the environment. In addition, each of our companies maintain additional safety policies, measures and procedures specific to its individual needs.

As the COVID-19 pandemic persisted, we continued to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of our employees. Throughout the pandemic, we have adhered to our infectious disease preparedness and response plans, which have continually been reviewed and updated as the COVID-19 pandemic evolved. We deployed an aggressive and wide-ranging portfolio of safety measures in our manufacturing facilities and offices, including offering hybrid work environments where feasible.