Post Holdings Announces Commitment to 100% Sustainable Palm Oil

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 08, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Post Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:POST), a consumer packaged goods holding company, today announced a commitment to source 100% sustainable palm oil globally by December 2016.

Although Post’s various business units are relatively minor users of palm oil, Post is committed to ensuring its purchases of palm oil do not contribute to deforestation of the world’s rainforests or negatively impact the communities that depend upon them. Accordingly, Post has taken this important step to improve the sustainability of its palm oil supply chain.

Post is now a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”), an organization dedicated to promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil products through credible global standards and the engagement of stakeholders. To reinforce these principals, Post will work with its direct suppliers to support the development of a sustainable, cost-effective market for palm oil. Post has made a commitment that by December 2016 all of its business units will directly purchase 100% RSPO mass balance certified sustainable palm oil.

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