Airly Foods Offers Snack Developed to Remove Greenhouse Gases from the Air

Now at Walmart

St. Louis, April 17, 2023 — Airly Foods has created a groundbreaking new business model that puts the shopper at the center of the solution – food crafted to be delicious, affordable, convenient, and wholesome while also helping tackle one of the biggest problems facing our planet today – climate change. “We’re empowering the shopper to vote with their dollars without sacrificing taste or price,” said Airly Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer McKnight.

Airly crackers are the first ever climate-friendly snack designed to remove greenhouse gases from the air. Airly shares its carbon footprint on each box of crackers, removing between 18g – 21g of CO2 from the air – a small act with the potential to build to a big impact. With the purchase of Airly crackers, consumers are helping to remove greenhouse gases from the air and expressing their support for a profound change in our food system.

“Airly aligns well with Walmart’s climate ambitions, including our promotion of regenerative agricultural practices within our supply chain to keep carbon locked up in soil. By sourcing ingredients from farms designed to remove greenhouse gases and offering its snacks at an accessible price point, Airly is spearheading an innovative new product category: climate-conscious snacks,” said Melody Richard, Senior Vice President, Pantry, Walmart U.S.

Today, more than 25% of greenhouse gases come from the global food supply, so innovative solutions that employ food to help heal the planet are critical.

A New Business Model Emerges

To deliver this new business model, Airly embraced cutting edge new technologies. “The way Airly grows oats and wheat for its crackers results in the net of farm activities removing carbon dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas, from the air,” said Dr. Mark Izzo, Airly Co-founder and CEO. “If solutions like Airly can gain traction, you will see a rapidly accelerating shift of the food system toward carbon drawdown…not just emitting less.”

To develop the product, Airly partnered with Indigo Ag, which was recently named among the top five most innovative companies by CNBC and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Keith Paustian to directly connect world-leading scientists with farmers to pioneer carbon farming practices that sequester CO2 into the soil to improve soil resiliency and increase biodiversity. Indigo Ag provides the technology that enables Airly to monitor, measure, report, and validate the amount of greenhouse gases sequestered in the soil through sustainable farming practices.

Airly crackers are now available for purchase at select Walmart stores across the United States. The crackers are available in six flavors: cheddar, chocolate, butter, cinnamon, sea salt, and salted caramel. For more information, please visit

About Airly Foods

Airly Foods produces climate-friendly snacks crafted to be delicious, affordable, and convenient for today’s discerning consumer. Airly Foods is part of Bright Future Foods LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Post Holdings, Inc. Founded with the mission to reverse climate change through food, we believe the time to act is now; the food we all eat needs to be good for the planet; that small steps can create big change and that nature knows best. To learn more visit