A Message to Post Holdings Employees From Rob Vitale, President and CEO

June 4, 2020

These times have delivered us challenges both novel and ancient. Across our business, the global pandemic drove us strangely closer in shared worry and in the need to communicate better. But on Memorial Day, a day in which we commemorate the sacrifice made to preserve America and its ideals, we were reminded that those ideals are not evenly distributed.

Our two largest business units are headquartered in the Minneapolis area. Today that community will hold a memorial for George Floyd. It is fitting and proper that we pause to observe the moment.

On behalf of the Post organization, I want to add our condemnation of the brutal treatment of George Floyd; of all violence committed these last few days; and of the racial inequities from which these events were sparked. As one body, each death diminishes us.

I am not wise enough to offer how to overcome this problem. But I know it must be overcome. While financial contributions and specific action plans are important, I first want to take this moment to focus on our hearts and minds — starting with mine. I want more understanding before more action. To that end I am going to ask for your help. I want you to share what we do well and what we do poorly. I want to hear from you how we can improve.

I want to hear from you before you hear from me. Please share your thoughts by: [Employees: see your email/text message for ways to respond.] I am especially hoping to hear from our colleagues who are people of color.

While flawed in their application, I believe in the enlightened ideals of our country. Dr. King famously quoted that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Perhaps together we can bend it faster.

Rob Vitale, President and CEO, Post Holdings